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5 thoughts on “Take Action”

  1. She died when I was 5, but I still wear a 1977 NYC mayoral race button on my work lanyard. I so wish we had her voice in politics today. I hope we get a screening nearer to where I live, in Northeast Ohio!

  2. This documentary was fabulous!! I love and adore Bella Abzug SO MUCH! I loved getting to learn more of her back story and all the activism she did. Somehow I didn’t realize that she was still politically active in the 80’s. She just never stopped fighting did she? My God, she was INCREDIBLE. I knew that before seeing the film but wow, seeing so much more of her story is so inspiring and just jaw-dropping. Thanks so much for getting Bella’s story out there! The world needs to know about her to get fired up and start kicking some ass!!!

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